May 3, 2012


Yingling is the world’s largest independent Cessna parts supplier in the world, so it’s no surprise that its in-house pilot shop, The Aviator’s Attic, boasts one of the industry’s most extensive and diverse inventories of flight gear, pilot apparel, aviation books, videos, electronic devices including handheld GPSs, transceivers, and headsets, charts, flight training materials and even chocks, static wick covers, and fuel mats—now also available, anytime, anywhere on its easy-to-access e-commerce site.   By clicking on, customers can review a full menu of products from 18 different categories including items that fall under the heading of “Aviation Fun Stuff” and specially-priced “Clearance” choices.


The Aviator’s Attic includes pilot supplies, headsets, flight planning and cockpit tools, apparel, Global Positioning Systems, radios and scanners, aircraft supplies, flashlights, flight cases, and charts from a variety of leading providers.  Its on-line store devotes a separate category to Jeppessen Products and also offers a full Pilot’s Library of instructional and aviation-related fiction and non-fiction reading materials.  There’s even a special section of the website featuring products devoted to helping pilots keep themselves organized.


The Aviator’s Attic is a resource for pilots, regardless of whether they are making a stop at Yingling or if they are looking for an item that is typically associated with Cessna airplanes.  Customers aren’t limited just to Cessna owners and operators either.  The store handles virtually all major avionics brands and sells products offered on competitive brands of aircraft including Hawker-Beechcraft, Bombardier Learjet, Piper, Dassault Falcon, and others.