Citation Excel Eagle
February 27, 2021

CitationPartners LLC, which was organized by Russ Meyer, long-time Chairman of Cessna, Gary Hay, who succeeded Russ as CEO of Cessna and Russ Meyer III, program manager for both the Citation CJ3and Citation Mustang, has announced a program to fully transform pre-owned Citation Excels into like-new business jets.

Named the Citation Excel Eagle, the transformation will include an extensive list of inspections as well as numerous new parts and systems by the Citation Service Center, state-of-the-art Garmin G5000 avionics and new interior and exterior. The Citation Excel Eagle will be test flown to exactly the same thorough Dash-12 production flight test standards as every other are Citation.

The remaining elements of the transformation process will be completed by Yingling Aviation, a partner of Cessna for more than 70 years. With excellent facilities and broad experience, Yingling Aviation will install the Garmin G5000 avionics and totally refurbish the interior and exterior.

As a result of the extensive statement of work by the Citation Service Center, the Citation Excel Eagle will qualify for ProParts at a lower hourly rate than other Excels. In addition, the Citation Excel Eagle will have a similarly exclusive support program for the PW&C engines that will cover scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, HSI, overhaul, and most important, life-limited parts, also without an enrollment fee.

CitationPartners plans to deliver one Citation Excel Eagle per month, beginning in May 2021 at an introductory price of $3.45M. Effective August 1, the price will be increased to $3.59M. For all orders received by March 31, the introductory price of $3.45M will be maintained.

Purchasers who place an order at least five months in advance of delivery will be able to spec the interior and exterior, just like purchasing a new Citation.  Further, FlightSafety has recently installed a fully compliant Garmin G5000 Excel simulator at its Wichita facility.

Additional details can be found on the CitationPartners website: