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    Yingling Interiors:

    icon_interiorsIntroduced nearly a decade ago, the OASIS interior provides Caravan customers the trappings of first class surroundings especially designed for the versatile and economical turboprop aircraft. Cessna and Yingling Aviation established an agreement that enables Caravan customers to order their Yingling OASIS interior from Cessna for installation by Yingling under their exclusive Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). This arrangement allows customers to have their Yingling OASIS interior crafted concurrently with the production of their aircraft and take delivery of their beautiful new Caravan in a simplified delivery process. Yingling handles all of the interior installation logistics. The exclusive OASIS interior is distinguished by its high overall quality and attractive selections of leather, fabric, and cabinetry finishing. Unique accessory and entertainment offerings include two standard AC power outlets and three optional video screens strategically located throughout the cabin.

    The Caravan OASIS interior provides seating configurations for up to 10 people with two forward facing seats behind the crew, a four-place club seating area with executive side tables, and aft divan seating for two incorporating a standard flushing toilet approved for occupancy during takeoff and landing. The veneer or laminate wood cabinetry features two standard forward cabinets, one providing a convenient refreshment center, while the other is available for pilot materials and general storage applications. Electronic equipment including the latest high-tech entertainment systems, telecommunications, and flight data displays are also available as options. Yingling also developed a versatile lightweight seat (VLS) for use in the popular single engine turboprop. Designed to provide a lighter more comfort alternative to the standard or high-end seats, the VLS can be incorporated into the OASIS package or ordered as an option on the standard Model 208. At a fully-upholstered weight of 45 pounds, it comes with a quick release feature that allows easy removal to permit the airplane to be used for cargo carrying missions.

    Yingling’s interior shop owns a well-deserved reputation for the quality and efficiency of its work. That’s why Cessna selected it to build and install its executive-style Oasis interiors ( for the Caravan line of single-engine turboprops.

    Yingling has installed more than 140 OASIS interiors in the Cessna Model 208 Caravan. The OASIS interior gives the versatile Cessna single-engine turboprop the feel and comfort of a business jet interior.

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