Garmin G3X Upgrade

Exceptional Flight Displays For Your Piston Single

Authorized G3X Installations

Our avionics team installs Garmin G3X flight displays and is focused on quality, safety, cost, and realistic downtimes. We are a Garmin Authorized Flight Deck Dealer & Installer and have been named Top Garmin Aviation Dealer for multiple years running.

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  • up to $7,500 trade-in credit for your legacy avionics
  • Industry-leading equipment provides improved safety, dispatch reliability, efficiency, and reduced pilot workload.
  • Avionics system reliability backed by a 2-yr warranty Garmin equipment warranty.
  • 1 year workmanship labor warranty, on-demand Yingling engineering support.
  • Realistic 6-8-week total downtime, with customer involvement throughout the upgrade.
Garmin G3x Installation
Garmin Authorized Dealer

Garmin Authorized Flight Deck Dealer & Installer

A leader in Garmin G3X Touch installs

“From the very beginning, I have been impressed. It is very apparent that Yingling is exceedingly capable of the Garmin G5000 installation.  The technicians are all very knowledgeable and transparent before, during, and after the installation. The support post installation is reliable and timely.”

–R. Aringdale

“The final product of your team’s efforts speaks for itself. You took an aircraft in a dismal state and turned it into something that will last for years. Everyone who flies it or sees it absolutely loves it.”

–Matt M.

“There are many people on your team I would like to thank for their work, knowledge, and experience. Please pass along my gratitude to everyone who helped transform my aircraft.”

–Matt M.

“Amazing company with awesome customer service”

— Mike K.

“Your team delivered on the vision and timeline for a big project and the end result is perfect.”

— Patrick

“Love the customer service and support.”

— Mike R.

Garmin G3X panel upgrade Cessna 182
Garmin G3x Installers

G3X Touchscreen Flight Deck Benefits

Elevate your Cessna Citation Excel and XLS with installation of the Garmin G5000 flight deck and harness the power of the latest satellite-based navigation capabilities. FAA & EASA Certified!

  • Lower your operating costs up to $6,000 per year (cost avoidance of legacy avionics: Autopilot, Nav/Coms, DGs, AHRS, etc.)
  • G3X is a very configurable system, capable of interfacing to GTNs, GNS, and GNX/GNX components.
  • Offering the one and only Garmin Smart Glide Technology
    • In event of power loss, smart glide helps reduce workload by recommending an airport estimated in glide range and creating a direct to route.
    • Automatically engages Garmin autopilot in IAS and GPS mode for best pitch glide speed.
    • Provides critical runway information, glide range ring, and best airport glide indicator.
    • Required equipment applies, inquire for more information.
  • Provides the only Garmin autopilot (GFC500) that allows standby to drive the autopilot if PFD become non-functional.
  • Provides one of the most capable and versatile touchscreen displays Garmin offers.
  • EIS (Engine indicating system) capable on multiple engine types, to include the latest addition of 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines (download engine data to an SD card in the display, or wirelessly share to the Garmin Pilot app on your compatible smart device, and later upload it to for analysis by your maintenance shop’s service team.
  • Utilizes Can bus network for instantaneous communication between Garmin equipment, producing continuous reversionary backup for improved safety.

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Garmin G3X Touch Upgrade Includes

  • Installation by award-winning and authorized Garmin Dealer
  • Integrate existing avionics systems to reduce overall mod cost (GNS430/530, GTN750/650, Garmin Audio panels, PS engineering audio panels).
  • WAAS GPS-guided LPV approaches to minimums, providing access to more airports and increasing aircraft utilization.
  • ADS-B in and ADS-B out compliant
  • Stall protection (Underspeed Protection), enabling coupled go-arounds.
  • Connext wireless capability for database concierge, flight plan updates, and weather.
  • Visit the Garmin website for additional details.
Garmin G3X panel upgrade Cessna 182

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