November 10, 2014

Yingling Aviation is Now Offering Aircraft De-Icing and Anti-Icing Services

Wichita, KS–Yingling Aircraft, Inc. has acquired the assets of ICT Aircraft Services and will begin providing Type I aircraft de-icing and Type IV anti-icing services for aircraft at Midcontinent Airport beginning this winter. Included in the acquisition are two Premier de-icing trucks each equipped with heated, 1800 gallon Type I glycol, and 300 gallon Type IV anti-ice fluid tanks, articulating booms and open buckets capable of reaching 43 and 35 feet respectively–high enough to de-ice a Boeing 767.

“The decision to add de-icing and anti-icing to the list of services we provide is consistent with our customer commitment. Regardless of what they require, we want to be their aircraft de-ice service provider of choice, 24/7/365–and that means not just when the weather is optimal ,” noted Yingling president Lonnie Vaughan. “We’ve already begun training and qualifying personnel to provide this service so that we’ll be ready when the cold weather arrives. We’ll be prepared to offer Type I de-icing for general aviation or commercial aircraft that have accumulated snow or ice after exposure to an extended weather event or Type Four anti-icing for those that are ready for taxi and takeoff and are ‘on the clock’ for departure. Both our trucks have express fluid heat systems that can take glycol to 160 degrees in 60 seconds so we anticipate significant activity from both locally based and transient aircraft this winter,” he added.

Yingling’s de-icing and anti-icing trucks will be accessible by phone at 316-943-3246 or on Yingling’s Unicom frequency, 122.95. The trucks also can be reached on 129.925.

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