June 1, 2005

Yingling welcomes customers who fly older models because it can provide them with what is arguably the best service available. With established maintenance procedures, tooling and expertise working on Cessna single and twin engine aircraft, and its location across from the factory, Yingling can tap into Cessna’s product support quickly and easily.

While other maintenance facilities sometimes turn away work on airplanes whose age places them beyond the statute of repose limits established in the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) of 1994, Yingling caters to them. Competitors who base their refusal on concerns that the focus of litigation in the case of an accident involving an older aircraft could shift to the maintenance shop. In some instances, plaintiff attorneys have focused their lawsuits towards aircraft maintenance and avionics facilities when they have a legacy aircraft incident that falls outside the 18 year window GARA represents. By virtue of GARA, navigating a lawsuit towards OEMs has become more difficult after the first 18 years of a new aircraft. But that’s why maintenance facilities should have properly trained personnel, impeccable inspection procedures, and a quality assurance program that ensures any discrepancies have been accurately addressed. Yingling has built an extremely strong reputation on its ability to support older aircraft. In fact, a significant percentage of its business centers on providing comprehensive support to Cessna legacy aircraft, including 500-650 series Citations, Conquests Is and IIs, and Cessna single and piston twins.

Yingling is the primary partner of Cessna ‘Proof Kits’ to the Cessna factory for legacy and current production models. The company works with the manufacturer directly to support developing applicable Service Bulletins and repair schemes for Cessna aircraft

young and old, whenever the need arises. An obvious example would be the Spar Strap kit Cessna developed and continue to offer for operators of Cessna 400 series twins and Conquest turboprops. The Yingling maintenance team assisted Cessna’s engineers on determining what was needed to complete the repair in terms of time, components, methodology and procedures. The program is directed specifically to older airplanes which may have developed fatigue cracks over a period of extended service. Like Cessna Aircraft Company, Yingling takes a serious and pro-active approach in supporting legacy aircraft and helping their operators extend the life and usefulness of their airplanes.

Yingling is also involved in new and used aircraft sales and has developed a Joint Ownership Program featuring refurbished Cessna Conquest turboprops…and previously- owned Citations. Its expertise in working with older aircraft has provided Yingling with a variety of business opportunities it wouldn’t have if the firm focused purely on current or recent production models.