December 18, 2006

Wichita, KS—December 18, 2006—Yingling Aviation has introduced a Joint Ownership Program which offers partnerships on refurbished and updated Cessna twin turbine aircraft capable of carrying 8-10 passengers.   “By creating joint ownership arrangements for the purchase of two Cessna turboprops–a Model 441 Conquest II and a Model 425 Conquest I –we are able to offer the buyers the benefits of aircraft ownership without any of the drawbacks that go with buying a fractional share,” noted Lynn Nichols, Yingling’s president.   He added that, “Since they are recognized as owners by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and their names appear on the aircraft registration, the partners share jointly in the tax advantages and spread the operating costs equally.  We’ve structured our program to provide them with significant additional savings over typical fractional ownership, too, because we don’t charge a monthly management fee or add any markup on fixed costs, such as hangar rental or maintenance.  On the other hand, we do provide breaks on such things as fuel costs and insurance rates.  Our aim is to leverage all aspects of the program to benefit the partners.

“This joint ownership approach has already proven to be very popular among clients from small to medium-size businesses, especially in the health care industry.  We currently have four doctors who are participating and a number of additional prospects who have expressed interest.  This concept is particularly well-suited to physicians who provide care to rural communities or those with remote business ventures.    It provides an affordable, practical and versatile means of meeting their unique travel requirements,” he added.

Yingling launched the program after securing initial partners for the first two airplanes.  The Conquest II, on which Yingling remains a major partner, is also used by the firm in its Part 135 charter operation.  It was originally acquired a year ago and completely refurbished.  The Conquest I, which is currently owned jointly by Yingling and a building contractor, underwent an identical interior and exterior refurbishment, as well, and re-entered service earlier this month.  Both aircraft offer updated three-way seats, new carpeting and headliner treatments, a state-of-the-art entertainment package with DVD and audio CD capabilities,  and forward and aft bulkhead-mounted 10” video screens with wireless headsets.  The Conquest II can seat up to 11 passengers and cruise at speeds up to 295 knots.  The Conquest I offers space for up to eight occupants and a top speed of 263 knots.

“Both of these airplanes are ideal for this type of program,” Nichols pointed out.  “They provide the flexibility, cabin amenities and the kind of range and performance that the partners desire—and without the hassle or inconvenience associated with traveling on the airlines.  We have also gone to great lengths to ensure that the owners we’ve put together have similar, compatible travel needs so that aircraft availability and the expense and concerns associated with ‘dead-head’ positioning legs—where no passengers are on board—can be minimized or eliminated altogether,” he added.


Yingling has assigned dedicated flight crews to each aircraft to ensure that the aircraft are properly maintained and the owners’ travel needs are met.  “To facilitate trip planning, we have established an electronic flight scheduling capability,” Nichols continued.  He went on to say that “owners receive a discreet password that allows them to connect via the internet to a flight calendar for their specific aircraft.  Once they confirm their reservation electronically, a message is sent to the pilot assigned to that airplane.  He then calls to obtain details of the flight, the passenger manifest, ground transportation requirements and so on.  The whole process is set up so that the partners and their traveling companions can simply show up, board the airplane, buckle their seatbelts and go,” he explained.


Yingling is already in the process of expanding the program, having acquired a third Cessna turboprop that will be refurbished to match the others and enter service in January.  The company also plans to add a Citation to the program in the coming months.  “Our business model is built on our familiarity with operating and maintaining Cessna products, so all of the aircraft we utilize in our joint ownership program will be Cessnas.  At present we have more than 20 local prospects who are interested in shared ownership and we definitely expect to expand the program over the next couple of years,” Nichols concluded.  Further information on the Joint Ownership Program can be obtained by contacting Yingling’s director of sales, Jerry Pickett via the internet at


About Yingling


Yingling is a full-service fixed base operation providing 24 hour line services at Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) in Wichita, KS.  A Cessna Authorized Service Center for nearly 60 years, Yingling’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA)-certified aircraft maintenance department performs annuals, repairs, servicing and pre-purchase evaluation for all aircraft, specializing in turbine and twin inspections.


A Cessna Pilot Center with state of the art computer-based instruction for primary, instrument and advance ratings, Yingling also offers charter service featuring single, multi-engine and turbine aircraft and a rental fleet available to qualified pilots.  In addition, the firm provides professional sales representation for buyers and sellers of pre-owned aircraft.  Yingling is an authorized partner for most major brands of avionics, offering instrument and autopilot upgrades, installations, repairs and panel reconfigurations.


Cessna has also selected Yingling to design and build executive-style Oasis interiors for its line of Caravan single-engine turboprops.  Yingling was the first fixed base operator to be named an authorized Cessna dealer in 1946 and was also the first to be designated a Cessna Propjet dealer in 1976.


With more than 80 employees dedicated to serving customers, a spacious pilot’s lounge, and an outstanding selection of equipment, specialty items, and gifts at its Aviator’s Attic, Yingling can provide exceptional hospitality and service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Yingling is also the largest Cessna parts supplier in the world, offering fast worldwide delivery and competitive pricing, with A.O.G. orders received before 11:30 AM shipped the same day.   Yingling Aviation can be reached by calling (316) 943-3246 or on the web at