July 25, 2005


Wichita, KS—July 25, 2005—Yingling Aviation of Wichita, Kansas is installing the first  Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) Whole-Plane Emergency Parachute Systems on a Cessna 182 owned by ___________ of _________.  The system was certified for use on the Cessna 182 Skylane in July of 2004 and for the Cessna 172 Skyhawk in 2002.  Mr. __________ purchased his Skylane in ________ of this year.


“We are in a unique position to provide operators of Cessna 150s, 172s and 182s with this added level of safety and confidence,” noted Lynn Nichols, president of Yingling Aviation.  “As a long-time Cessna dealer and authorized service facility, we have extensive experience working on the entire family of Cessna single engine aircraft.  We’re also extremely impressed with the technology and design of the BRS system and its straight-forward, low-visual-impact installation.  BRS has an impressive track record of saving more than 170 lives since the program was launched in 1993.  That fact alone influenced our decision to become involved in the program, since one of our core values at Yingling is to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our customers,” he added.


Nichols indicated that the installation of Mr._________’s aircraft weighs about 85 pounds and occupies approximately half of the baggage compartment space behind the rear seats.  Installation cost will run approximately $20,000 per unit, based on the acquisition price of the hardware from BRS and approximately 30-40 hours of labor.  Yingling received the Supplemental Type Certificate to do the installation in ____ of this year.


“The BRS systems for Cessna-built aircraft offer another layer of operational safety and confidence to operators and their passengers.  While it’s our hope that the system is never needed, its presence is certain to reduce the potential for serious outcomes in the event of an emergency,” Nichols explained.


About BRS

Headquartered in South St. Paul, Minnesota, BRS was founded in 1980.  The company has delivered more than 20,000 light rocket-propelled parachute systems for very light, ultralight and more than 1500 certified aircraft since its inception.  BRS received an STC for installation of its Emergency Parachute System on the Cessna 150 in 1993 and for the Cessna 172 in 2002 and the Cessna 182 in 2004.


About Yingling


Yingling is a full-service fixed base operation providing 24 hour line services at Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) in Wichita, KS.  A Cessna Authorized Service Center for nearly 60 years, Yingling has been recognized by the manufacturer as a “Cessna Care Center” based on its outstanding quality and reputation.  Yingling  is the largest Cessna parts supplier in the world, offering fast worldwide delivery and competitive pricing, with A.O.G. orders received before 11:30 AM shipped the same day.  Yingling’s European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA)-certified aircraft maintenance department performs annuals, repairs, servicing and pre-purchase evaluation for all aircraft, specializing in turbine and twin inspections.


A Cessna Pilot Center with state of the art computer-based instruction for primary, instrument and advance ratings, Yingling also offers charter service featuring single, multi-engine and turbine aircraft and a rental fleet available to qualified pilots.  In addition, the firm provides professional sales representation for buyers and sellers of pre-owned aircraft.  Yingling is an authorized partner for most major brands of avionics, offering instrument and autopilot upgrades, installations, repairs and panel reconfigurations and is also the largest dealer of McCauley propellers in the world.


Cessna has also selected Yingling to design and build executive-style Oasis interiors for its line of Caravan single-engine turboprops.  Yingling was the first fixed base operator to be named an authorized Cessna dealer in 1946 and was also the first to be designated a Cessna Propjet Service Center in 1976.


With more than 70 employees dedicated to serving customers, a spacious pilot’s lounge, and an outstanding selection of equipment, specialty items, and gifts at its Aviator’s Attic, Yingling can provide exceptional hospitality and service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Yingling Aviation can be reached by calling (316) 943-3246 or on the web at www.yinglingaviation.com.