Citation Excel Eagle

Citation Excel and XLS Transformations to Like-new Citation Excel Eagles

  • Eagle-Exclusive Inspections and Upgrades
    Qualifies Your Eagle for ProParts with No Buy-in and at Lower-than-Market Rates
  • Industry-Leading Garmin G5000 Avionics Installation
  • Like-New, To-Your-Spec Custom Interior
  • Like-New, To-Your-Spec Custom Exterior
  • VREF “Valuation Guide” Eagle Premium Upgrade of + $1.9M

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Andrew Nichols

“We are excited to be collaborating with CitationPartners in the transformation of pre-owned Citation Excels and XLS’s into Citation Excel Eagles. The Eagle is the epitome of a premium quality, proprietary, turn-key modernization which encompasses industry leading avionics, custom interior, ProParts enrollment and a custom exterior.”
Andrew Nichols
President, Yingling Aviation

Citation Excel Eagle avionics
Citation Excel Eagle G5000 avionics
Garmin G5000

(FAA & EASA Certified)

Industry-Leading Garmin G5000 Avionics Installation

(FAA & EASA Certified)

Fully Integrated Glass Flight Deck Upgrade Featuring:

  • Dual GRS 79 AHRS
  • Awareness and Protection Package w/ Synthetic Vision, Surface Watch, Under Speed Protection, Flight Stream 510
  • Fully integrated glass flight deck upgrade for the Cessna Citation Excel and Citation XLS
  • Dual touchscreen display/controllers offer intuitive pilot interface, while enabling each crew member to have full operational accessibility
  • Multi-pane 14-inch pfd and mfd displays provide crew configurable presentation of graphical data on any of the primary screens
  • Integrated Engine-Indicating and Crew-Alerting System (EICAS)
  • Fly WAAS GPS-guided LPV approaches to 200-foot minimums, providing access to more airports and increasing aircraft utility
  • Garmin integrated autopilot with emergency descent mode and optional Under Speed Protection (USP)
  • Enhanced situational awareness provided through optional Garmin SVT synthetic vision technology
  • Nextgen/SESAR compliance with ADS-B out capabilities
  • Electronic charts
  • Compatible with existing TCAS/ACAS II systems
  • Advanced weather detection and avoidance technology
  • Support for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) operations
  • Growth-oriented architecture allows many future technologies to be accommodated via updates
  • System reliability backed by a 3-yr warranty and worldwide, award-winning and industry-leading Garmin avionics support network
  • CPDLC including the FAAs data comm and Eurocontrol’s link 2000+ programs (Optional)
  • Available Garmin connext options include satellite access to worldwide weather, voice calling and text messaging while in flight (Optional)
  • Connext cockpit wireless connectivity keeps all your weather, traffic and more in sync between your avionics and tablet (Optional)
  • Two-way wireless flight plan transfers between your avionics + Garmin Pilot™ + Foreflight Mobile (Optional)
  • 3-yr warranty
  • Installation by a Top Garmin Aviation Dealer for multiple years running

Multiple WiFi Options Available

Like-New, To-Your-Spec Custom Interior

  • Like-new designed to your spec
  • All-new veneer throughout
  • Custom designed carpet
  • Custom plating throughout
  • All-new sidewalls and window shades
  • Latest seat design
  • Finest grade aviation leather
  • Up to nine passenger interior
Citation Excel Eagle

Like-New, To-Your-Spec Custom Exterior

  • Multiple striping selections available
  • Special masking to protect windows & windshields
  • Double-chemical-stripping application if needed
  • Surfaces hand scrubbed with nylon-bristle brushes
  • Chemical etching to remove residue from existing paint
  • Remove and replace sealers as needed
  • Two-coat application of corrosion primer and high-solids fill primer as needed
  • Negative flow air filtration
  • Bright work polished and new sealer applied
  • New weight and balance
  • Permaguard protection

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