March 1, 2006

Wichita, KS—March, 2006—Yingling Aviation today announced that it is offering business flyers who may be considering the purchase of an airplane an alternative that offers twin-engine turboprop or light jet efficiency and performance at a price that is competitive with the purchase price of a single engine aircraft.  Through Yingling’s shared ownership plan, customers can choose to purchase as little as a 1/10 share in a Cessna twin such as the Conquest II Yingling recently acquired and refurbished. “Based on our experience with our charter service, we know that there are numerous travelers who have defaulted to riding on the airlines or taking an occasional charter to meet their travel needs because they can’t justify the expense of operating and maintaining an airplane or a professional pilot,” noted Lynn Nichols, President of Yingling Aviation.  “But, we’re also aware that, as their businesses grow and their territories expand, they recognize the benefits of having an airplane at their disposal.  Our shared ownership plan is designed to offer them those benefits while we take care of the operational and logistical challenges.  And, by offering 1/10 shares, the entry level expense for this program is not only manageable, it’s extremely attractive.  Of course, as a share owner’s travel requirements increase, so can the number of shares—and the associated aircraft availability–he or she acquires,” he added. Nichols noted that Yingling is currently in the process of acquiring at least two more airplanes for the shared ownership program.  “We have already sold out of shares on the Conquest II we acquired earlier this year,” he pointed out, “so we’re looking at late model Cessna turboprops or light jets whose values have leveled off or may even be starting to appreciate.  We will, of course, update them to meet our requirements like we did with the Conquest II.  It received a completely new paint job, a new interior, updated avionics and a state of the art entertainment center prior to re-entering service.  We anticipate that these aircraft will be ideal for shareowners whose travel requirements are fairly regionalized.  We will provide professionally trained and current pilots, meet all maintenance and service requirements and base the aircraft at our Wichita Mid-continent Airport facilities.  Customers will have the flexibility and capacity of a turboprop or jet that will allow them to take several passengers economically. “We will also manage the aircraft and will seek to put together owner partnerships that are complimentary.  For example, if we have a customer whose primary travel requirements are during the week and another whose travel occurs principally on the weekend, we’ll pair those owners on the same aircraft to minimize potential scheduling overlaps,” he explained. For more information, including pricing details of Yingling’s shared ownership program, prospects can contact Jerry Pickett, Yingling’s Director of Sales and Marketing at 316-943-3266 or contact him via e-mail at   About Yingling Yingling is a full-service fixed base operation providing 24 hour line services at Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) in Wichita, KS.  A Cessna Authorized Service Center for 60 years, Yingling is the largest Cessna parts supplier in the world.  By leveraging its proximity to the factory, Yingling offers fast worldwide delivery and competitive pricing, with A.O.G. orders received before 11:30 AM shipped the same day.  Yingling’s European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA)-certified aircraft maintenance department performs annuals, repairs, servicing and pre-purchase evaluation for all aircraft, specializing in turbine and twin inspections. A Cessna Pilot Center with state of the art computer-based instruction for primary, instrument and advance ratings, Yingling also offers charter service featuring single, multi-engine and turbine aircraft and a rental fleet available to qualified pilots.  In addition, the firm provides professional sales representation for buyers and sellers of pre-owned aircraft.  Yingling is an authorized partner for most major brands of avionics, offering instrument and autopilot upgrades, installations, repairs and panel reconfigurations. Cessna has also selected Yingling to design and build executive-style Oasis interiors for its line of Caravan single-engine turboprops.  Yingling was the first fixed base operator to be named an authorized Cessna dealer in 1946 and was also the first to be designated a Cessna Propjet dealer in 1976. With more than 70 employees dedicated to serving customers, a spacious pilot’s lounge, and an outstanding selection of equipment, specialty items, and gifts at its Aviator’s Attic, Yingling can provide exceptional hospitality and service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Yingling Aviation can be reached by calling (316) 943-3246 or on the web at