October 29, 2012

Wichita MRO has installed more Garmin G600 panels than any other dealer

Yingling Aviation, the long-time fixed based operator, maintenance, repair and overhaul center located at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport, has recently completed the installation of a new digital panel on a Cessna Model 425 Conquest I which includes dual Garmin G600 avionics coupled with an S-TEC 2100 Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) autopilot.

UPDATE: The Garmin G500/G600 TXi series touchscreen flight displays are now available for installation.

“With our broad experience installing Garmin G600 avionics in Caravans for Federal Express, we are well aware of the enhanced safety, reduced pilot workload and maintenance costs and the increased resale value this equipment represents,” said Bob Gallop, Yingling’s vice president , Repair Station Operations. “We’ve also completed several G600 installations on Cessna Model 425 turboprops, but this is the first to be coupled with the S-TEC 2100 autopilot. This is outstanding combination greatly improves the versatility of the airplane, allowing it to be operated efficiently and with precision in virtually any air traffic environment.”

Yingling removed the Model 425’s original ARC 1000 Integrated Flight Control System (IFCS) and upgraded the panel with the installation of a new GTN 650 and a GTN 750 touch navigation systems, replacing Garmin 430 and 530 units. “Not only is the panel more attractive and efficient–and far less cluttered–it places a great deal more information at the pilots’ fingertips. These installations also reduced the overall weight of the aircraft by more than 100 pounds–mostly from the removal of wiring and remotely mounted equipment,” Gallop added.

“There are a couple of hundred Model 425’s currently in operation that would be benefit from an upgrade like the one we just completed, “ Gallop continued. “We believe we can provide an exceptional value that will expand the productivity, extend the useful life and enhance the resale value of those aircraft,” he concluded.

Garmin’s GTN 650 is a fully integrated solution in a small package. It combines GPS, COMM and NAV functions with powerful multifunction display capabilities such as high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, multiple weather options and traffic display. With its touchscreen interface, you’re rarely more than 2 taps away from the system’s primary functions.

The GTN 750 is also a fully integrated GPS/NAV/COMM/ multifunction unit. The 6-in.-tall system’s intuitive touchscreen controls and large display provide unprecedented access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, traffic display, multiple weather options and much more.

About Yingling

Since 1999 when Yingling was acquired by its current Chief Executive Officer Lynn Nichols, has worked closely with Cessna Aircraft Company to create business opportunities such as the installation of Oasis interiors in Cessna Caravan turboprops, creation of specific maintenance programs for piston and turboprop models and the installation of special mission packages for the Civil Air Patrol and rejuvenation of more than 250 FEDERAL EXPRESS cargo aircraft. Yingling is also the most prolific supplier of Cessna parts in the world. In addition, the Wichita-based company also offers an exceptional selection of equipment, specialty items and gifts at its Aviator’s Attic store. Yingling employs more than 100 people. Yingling Aviation can be reached by calling (316) 943-3246 or on the web at www.yinglingaviation.com.