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Yingling Aviation is an authorized Garmin avionics dealer, offering a wide range of avionics upgrades and installations. Our team of avionics experts and full-time engineers can assist you with choosing the right avionics for your aircraft and install them to the highest standards while providing a full range of support services, including repair, maintenance, and upgrades. Looking for an award-winning Garmin avionics dealer that can provide you with the highest quality products and services, then Yingling Aviation is the perfect installer for you. Discover more about Garmin Aviation products below and request a quote online.

Garmin Dealer Award

Garmin Platinum Dealer 2020, 2021, 2022

Garmin G5000 Flight Deck

Installation of G5000 integrated flight deck with intuitive touchscreen interface.

  • Advanced flight deck retrofit designed for Cessna Citation Excel and XLS
  • Harness the power of the latest satellite-based navigation capabilities
  • Large and bright high-resolution displays with EICAS
  • Improved safety, reliability, efficiency and reduced pilot workload
  • Lower operating costs up to $150,000/year

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Garmin G5000 flight deck

G500/G600 TXi Touchscreen

Modernize your piston or turboprop with touchscreen flight displays designed with advanced capabilities.

  • Streamlined touch interface that is software upgradable
  • Easily integrates with GTN Avionics
  • Featuring Garmin Smart Glide Technology
  • One of the most capable and versatile touchscreens Garmin offers
  • Lower operating costs up to $25,000/year

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G500 G600 TXi Avionic Upgrade

G1000 NXi Integrated Flight Deck

Take your flight deck technology to the next level with industry-leading equipment providing safety, reliability and efficiency.

  • Zero-time avionics, new glass displays, smooth flight control
  • Added processing power with brighter, smoother high-resolution displays
  • Optional SurfaceWatch runway identification/alerting technology
  • Trade-in credit up to $12,000 for existing avionics
  • Lower operating costs up to $20,000/year

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King Air G1000 Nxi Installation

G3X Flight Displays

Exceptional flight displays for your piston single providing safety, reliability, and reduced pilot workload. Upgrade from legacy mechanical instruments to modern touchscreen glass.

  • Monitor engine performance with optional EIS capabilities
  • Pair with GFC 500 autopilot and select navigators to fly fully coupled approaches
  • Improve situational awareness with bright, high-resolution LCD displays that are easy to read and use
  • Trade-in credit up to $7,500 for legacy avionics
  • Lower operating costs up to $6,000/year

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Garmin G3x Touch Upgrade

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